Choosing your Wedding Celebrant

by Warwick House

Article by Just Celebrations a Warwick House recommended Celebrant

Choosing a celebrant to create your ceremony is an important decision and should not be made lightly.

There are many reasons why you choose a Celebrant. It could be that you are of mixed faiths, mixed cultures, want to write your own vows or quite simply don’t want the usual ‘uniformed’ ceremony. By using a celebrant to conduct your personalised ceremony, you have the flexibility to incorporate traditions and content of your choice and celebrate your marriage in the most personal way.

So how do you choose the right Celebrant for you? Here are our top tips:

1. Ask for references / testimonials

Don’t be afraid of asking for references and contacting previous clients. They will tell it how it really is. You wouldn’t book a photographer without seeing previous work, nor would you buy a wedding dress without trying it on. Ask about the Celebrant’s attitude – does he/she have the sort of personality that you find attractive and do they have your interest at heart?

2. Search for video links

Try searching for video clips so that you can see your celebrant in action. Do you want a formal affair or a more relaxed atmosphere? You need to find the celebrant that fits your own style. Do they speak clearly and with conviction? Is their focus on you? Does it look like they are enjoying themselves?

3. Meet up

It is always good practice to meet your celebrant face-to-face before confirming your booking; even if you are making an enquiry from a considerable distance (e.g. internationally) – modern technology such as Skype and FaceTime (which are both free) still give you the opportunity to ‘meet up.’

4. Ask for ideas

There are some great ways to enhance your ceremony. You may want to include others in your celebration, for example small children. A Sand Ceremony is a charming way of doing this. Have you thought about literally ‘Tying the Knot’ as part of your ceremony? Your celebrant will be able to suggest several ideas that suit your personality and style. All relationships have their ups and downs – so why shy away from this – make light of these by incorporating something Sweet and Sour!

5. Equipment

A good celebrant will come fully equipped with a PA system, reliable motor vehicle (you want to make sure that they get there on the day!), and will dress accordingly. Ask them what they have and what is available to you.

6. Fees and Availability

For your own peace of mind – you want to be sure that you are your Celebrant’s sole focus on the day – so you don’t want them officiating at 2 or 3 ceremonies on YOUR most special day. Check if you are one of several ceremonies or if the day is set aside just for you!

Your wedding day is one of the most special that you will have, and you will no doubt have saved your pennies for some considerable time for the Big Day – your budget IS important. You don’t want to skimp on the most memorable words ‘I Do’, so be direct in asking the fee and checking what is included. Some celebrants may offer an attractive lower fee but add on extras, for example an extra charge for a rehearsal, or additional hiring costs for PA equipment, or a unity ceremony. You are hiring a professional, so you should expect a professional fee – if the quote seems high, consider the time spent behind the scenes in preparing your ceremony.

This point was left until last for a reason! If you have satisfied yourself with all of the other points, then the fee question will answer itself; your special day is but once in a lifetime so paying more to get quality is the best investment you can make!

In summary – your chosen celebrant should:

  • work with you to make your day a painting that says a thousand words…
  • be one that you feel comfortable with…
  • be one that you develop a warm and personal relationship with…
  • be flexible
  • be experienced and have references…
  • be insured…
  • belong to a professional body…

Good luck in finding your Celebrant of choice!

Article by Just Celebrations a Warwick House recommended Celebrant

E: justine@just-celebrations.co.uk

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