Top Tips for choosing your wedding Hair Style and Makeup.

by Warwick House

Article written by: Mode Warwick a Warwick House recommended supplier.

The way you look on your wedding day is one of the most important things to you as a bride. Unless you have always had an idea of what look you are after, you can be overwhelmed with too many choices. Whether you go up, down, curly, straight, accessories or not, it can be a very hard decision to make on how to have your hair and also with makeup, do you want natural or something extra special!

Here we have tried to help you make your decision with some of our tips and recommendations:

1. Most brides will have always picked out their dress before they book in for a hair trial. This is quite important as it determines the style of your wedding and will help decide on the style of hair/makeup. 9 times out of 10, if a bride has a very detailed top part of the dress with a high neck/straps etc they will tend to take their hair up to show this off. Or if they have a very simple dress with no detail up top they may wish to have their hair falling over their shoulders. With regards to your makeup, you may want a natural beauty look, a vintage style or something over the top.

2. When you book in for your trial, you may wish to bring some pictures with you. These can be from anywhere perhaps a magazine or something you have found on Internet search or Pinterest. Photos will help your hairdresser / makeup artist get a feel for what you are after and they can take certain parts of different photos to create your own unique look.

3. Enhance your own style – If you are a bride who normally has their hair down or wears no makeup, you will then have to make the decision whether you go for something that represents you, or do you fancy going for something totally different to what you would normally go for?

4. Be open – minded in your trial. Your stylist / makeup artist will dedicate time to trial multiple options with you. If your stylist/makeup artist suggests something that you would normally not go for, or hadn’t thought of, you may be surprised by the results so let them use their expertise and show you something different.

5. Extras – For Hair – You may wish to find a hair accessory e.g. slide, tiara, diamante broach to really accentuate your style and sparkle in the photographs. You may wish to try some Hair extensions / pieces to give extra length and volume, and no one needs to know! For your makeup, you may wish to add things like eyelash extensions to really bring out your features. You want your makeup to really stand out on camera.

6. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – Look after your hair and skin in the build up to your wedding. Whether this be 12-18 months before your day. Start thinking about the colour you want your hair to be, the length and use the time before hand to work towards this. You may need to grow short layers out, work on the condition, or work towards a new target colour. This all takes time. You may also wish to start having regular facials to look after your skin. And invest in good products to help with this.

Article written by: Mode Warwick a Warwick House recommended supplier.

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