How to plan a green wedding

by Warwick House

The average wedding consumes quite a few resources. It needs cars, fabric, flowers by the hundred, food and drink to satisfy an army, gifts and hundreds of other smaller products. Multiply all that by around several million for the number of weddings per year and you have quite a bill!

If you’re considering a sustainable, or “green” wedding, this post is for you. We’re going to list some top ways to plan a green wedding without compromising on the effect, the quality of the day or the experience.

Buy local

This is one of the strongest messages of the sustainable way of life. Buying goods and services locally wherever possible helps local businesses, ensures fewer air miles, lowers the carbon footprint and helps make sure you get a good quality product.

Consider getting married and having the reception in the same venue, this has the added benefit of being able to stay in one place and relax a bit more.

If you do have to travel, consider a bus, minibus or carpool to maximise efficiency and minimise car use. It costs less, is quicker and everyone still gets where they need to go conveniently.

Choose a seasonal menu wherever possible. You get better support for local producers, fewer chemicals used in production and a much better flavour as a result. There are also lower transport costs too further lowering the carbon footprint of all your goods.

Buy your flowers from a local florist. Not only are you supporting another local business, but you’re also ensuring your flowers are fresher. They are close by if you need their help or they need to fix something on the day. Once finished with the flowers, consider donating them to a hospice or hospital or ask if another wedding would like to use them.

Alternatively, use flowering potted plants instead of arrangements. You can take them with you or offer them to your guests as a gift. Nothing is cut, nothing dies and the benefit of the plants continues.

Buy recycled

Many elements of a typical wedding can be made or bought from recycled materials. You can buy recycled paper to use as save-the-date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, seating programmes, menu cards, seating cards, thank you cards and more.

You can also buy invitations that combine the invite, detachable RSVP section, map and directions and important information all in one. Not only are they an efficient, elegant way to invite, they are also practical too.

Dresses. You have the option to use a borrowed wedding dress, wear a second-hand one, buy a vintage dress or one of the increasing number of eco-couture wedding dresses that are coming onto the market. You can do the same for your bridesmaids too if you like.

You can also resell your wedding dress after your big day so somebody else can benefit from it.

Make it yourself

The increased popularity of vintage and DIY weddings has a dual purpose. Not only does it create a fantastic, nostalgic wedding, it also lowers the carbon footprint of everything. Making your own wedding items not only saves money, but helps save the planet too!

Making your own wedding favours, invitations, clothes, table settings and decorations not only involves you more in the process, it also does all those things mentioned above. Done right, making your own wedding elements can enhance the entire day.

With a little thought and inspiration, it’s possible to have a sustainable wedding that still oozes class. Done right, a green wedding will offer the fairy tale day you always dreamed of, the fantastic guest experience you planned long and hard for while also lowering the impact of the entire day.

If you can have the wedding you want while lowering the environmental impact of it, we’re all in favour of that!

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