How to Involve the Groom in Planning Your Big Day

by Warwick House

Traditionally, it was always the bride’s job to do the vast majority of the planning for their wedding. Of course, whilst many brides do like to be heavily involved in the planning, it’s our experience here at Warwick House that more and more grooms would like to be more involved too. For many brides who have been planning their big day for a long, long time, it can be tough to give up any planning duties to their prospective husband, but we’ve come up with five areas where the groom can get involved and really feel they are making a contribution.

Are they creative?

 We all have different strengths and weaknesses and if your prospective husband is gifted in graphics and design skills it can be a great idea to let them help design wedding invitations and other parts of the wedding. Not only are you getting them involved in the wedding, you’re also saving money that can be used elsewhere in the wedding.

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 Are they good with figures?

If so, putting them in charge of the wedding budget can be a great idea (especially if you’d rather concentrate on the creative side of things). If they’re a tough negotiator too, all the better as this can stretch your wedding budget even further and help your wedding be the best it can be. However, before putting the groom in charge of the budget, ask yourself this question. Could it cause arguments between you if he has to tighten the purse strings?

The wine and bar menu

For a lot of men getting married, the wine and bar menu at the reception is a really big deal for them so it makes sense to let them be in charge of it. It’s a great excuse to try a range of beers and wines with his friends and can help him feel he is playing a major part in the planning of the wedding. Why not suggest he comes up with a special cocktail for your big day? At Warwick House, we can provide your wedding party with your own personalised wedding cocktail!

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Researching the honeymoon

Once you’ve agreed where you want to go on honeymoon, why not leave it up to the groom to sort out the finer details? There could be hundreds of hotels to choose from, why not leave it up to them to trawl through the TripAdvisor reviews and pick the perfect accommodation for your honeymoon. You might even want to let him pick some activities and trips to do whilst there!

Do they love cars?

Lots of men love cars, so letting them pick the transportation for your big day will be appreciated by them. Depending upon the type of wedding, you may opt for more traditional wedding transport or join the growing number of people hiring supercars and other high class forms of transport. Or how about a caravan! Giving them the chance to test drive some of these vehicles will help them feel involved and let them have some fun too.


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