Weekday Wedding…the Next Big Thing

by Warwick House

Struggling to Book a Saturday Wedding? Consider a Weekday Wedding…

All the best weddings are on a Saturday aren’t they? Not necessarily so. Thanks to a trend of celebrities such as Scandal’s Kerry Washington and Charlie’s Angels Cameron Diaz getting married in the week, more and more people are seeing the benefits of getting married on a weekday. Even Romeo and Juliet got married on a Monday!

 Weekday weddings are cheaper 

Think about the fact that there are only 52 weeks per year and thus only 52 Saturdays. Because Saturday is the day of preference for many couples to get married, supply and demand dictates that the price of a Saturday wedding will be much more. The venue will cost more to book and your suppliers prices will be at a premium. However, if you’re willing to consider a weekday wedding, because there is less demand for these days, you’ll find that you can negotiate prices for both venues and suppliers that are significantly cheaper than they may be on a Saturday.

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The venue of your dreams will be easier to book

 If you have your heart set on a particular wedding venue and you can’t get a Saturday date for your wedding, you’ll find that you’ve got a much better chance of booking it on a weekday. Popular wedding venues like ours here at Warwick House get booked up so far in advance, you can have a very long wait for a Saturday wedding. If you don’t want such a wait then we can almost certainly accommodate you much earlier if you’re willing to look at weekdays.


You can get your suppliers of choice too

Getting the right wedding photographer, florist and other wedding suppliers is vital to the success of your big day and making it a memorable occasion. The very best will be booked up months if not years in advance for many Saturdays. They will have much more availability however on weekdays which means not only can you get the venue of your choice, you can have the suppliers of your choice too.

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They’re perfect if you want to keep the guest count down

 Have a limited budget but are struggling to cut your guest list down? A weekday wedding is a great way of subtly cutting numbers at your wedding without offending anyone. Because the vast majority of people work during the week, you’ll find that your guest list will organically shorten itself, saving you money and risking upsetting anyone in the process.

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You won’t clash with the FA Cup Final or any other sporting event

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for guests to be surreptitiously checking their phone for the latest score in the football, cricket or other sporting event! Thankfully, if you book a weekday wedding, this almost certainly won’t be a problem and you can ensure that all the attention is on you, the happy couple!


Don’t forget, whatever day you get married, it will be a special day. But by going for a weekday wedding, you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting the venue of your choice and the suppliers of your choice, all for less money than you would pay on a Saturday. That money you save could be used for a fabulous honeymoon, the deposit on a house or simply as a nice nest egg to provide you and your partner with a degree of financial security.

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