The duties of the best man

by Warwick House

The role of the best man is one of the most important in any wedding. Most people know that it involves several duties on the day such as looking after the rings, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that the duties start months before the actual wedding day. If you’ve been asked to be a best man, we take a look at some of the duties that you will be expected to do…


Organise the stag night/weekend

Don’t take your inspiration from soap operas and other TV programmes where they always seem to have the stag night on the night before the wedding. Whether it is a boozy night in Brighton or a fantastic weekend away in a European city, make sure you book it at least a week or two before the wedding to ensure the hangover is a distant memory!


Help the groom choose the suits

The bride may do this for you but if she is letting the groom chose his own suit then he’s probably going to be wanting some help.


Attend the wedding rehearsal

As the best man, you’re playing a vital role in the wedding so that means you have to be at the rehearsal and know exactly what you should be doing and when.


Stay with the groom the night before the wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest things anyone will ever do in their life, so the groom could be very nervous! It’s the best man’s job to stay with the groom the night before the wedding, provide wise and comforting words and ensure that he doesn’t drink too much!


Help the groom get dressed

The groom needs to look his best on his wedding day so it’s up to you to ensure he does. Getting up early and ensuring everything is crisply ironed and looking its best is a vital role.


Make sure the groom is on-time

This is crucial! Tradition dictates that only the bride can be late so it is essential that you as the best man are on the ball and ensure that the groom is on-time for the wedding.


Look after the rings

This goes without saying, there can’t be a wedding without the rings. It’s your job as the best man to ensure that you look after the rings and have them ready when needed.


Organise the ushers

The ushers need to look good too, so it is your job to ensure that they are dressed smartly, and they are doing the jobs assigned to them for the day.


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Deliver a speech at the reception

Everyone loves a good best man speech, so make sure yours is a good one. It has to be the perfect balance of funny and heartwarming with nothing too rude.


Dance with the maid of honour

After getting the speech out of the way, once the bride and groom have had their first dance it is up to you to get on the dancefloor with the maid of honour and get the party started! And then get everyone on the dance floor too!


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