7 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

by Warwick House

Weddings are full of traditions and that means that some weddings struggle to have their own personality. There’s no to rise this though as there are loads of ways for you to personalise your wedding and make it one that is special not just for you and your partner, but for all of your guests too.

Have a wedding theme 

Perhaps the most obvious way to have the most personalised wedding possible is to have a wedding theme. The theme can be absolutely anything, but the best ones are those that both you and your partner have a shared interest in. This could be a TV show, sports team, colour or a particular type of music.


Don’t be bound by tradition

Just because weddings are full of lots of traditions, it doesn’t mean you have to be bound by each and every one of them. It also means that you are perfectly entitled to make some of your own up. So, if for some reason you don’t want to do a first dance, maybe you and your partner could have a first dong. Don’t be afraid to go against convention, it is after all your wedding!

Write your own vows

One of the simplest but most effective ways to add a little bit of personalisation is to write your own vows. Yes it is quite common now but there is still something very special about listening to two people who have written their own vows. Making them hand-written too adds that touch of personalisation.

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Make your own ceremony

Going one step further, you can even make your own ceremony. Instead of letting the person officiating decide what is said and read why not come up with your own plan instead. Doing it different like this will make your wedding day very memorable not just for you and your partner but for you guests too.

Make your first dance a spectacle

If you do want the traditional first dance as part of your wedding, you may want to do what more and more people are doing and making it more personal by doing a special dance to it. It’ all the more effective if you start with a slow song and then go for something you can really bust some moves to. If you really want to make it spectacular get some dancing lessons a few weeks before!


Use social media

For a bit of modern wedding personalisation, think about utilizing social media. There are lots of photo sharing apps out there to use as well as a variety of ways to use Facebook to help guests engage with your wedding. You could even go as far as creating your own hashtag and see if you can get it trending on Twitter and Instagram!


Party favours full of personality

 Pack your guests off with some party favours that really say something about you and your partner. This could be your favourite chocolate, your favourite coffee or something that is irrevocably connected with your wedding itself.


Get in touch

Do you want to hear more wedding tips? Then why not speak to your wedding planners.

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