Quiz: Which Wedding Dress Is Right For Me

by Warwick House

Why is the dress one of the most important factors of your wedding? Regardless of whether you’re a fashionista or a laid back lady, your wedding dress is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and truly put your own unique mark on your wedding day.

Fortunately, we’ve made a handy little quiz to help you answer that burning question: Which wedding dress is right for me?

Just keep a tally of how many questions you answer with As, Bs and so on…

Where are you getting married?

a.    Church
b.    Forrest
c.    Something different – like an abandoned building
d.    Castle or stately home
e.    Beach

You’re having a relaxed movie night with your bridesmaid the evening before the wedding. What film are you watching?

a.    A black and white classic
b.    Rom com
c.    A quirky indie movie
d.    Disney, of course!
e.    A fascinating existential documentary

Hooray – it’s the morning of the wedding! What are you all drinking to toast the bride?

a.    English Breakfast Tea
b.    Cute cocktails
c.    Beer all the way
d.    Champagne – only the best for me!
e.    A single shot of ouzo – for courage

Wow – you look stunning. You’ve got your dress on now. What is the most important aspect of your wedding dress?

a.    It’ll look gorgeous in the photographs
b.    I can breakdance in it if I wanted to
c.    It’s completely different to most wedding dresses
d.    It makes a big statement
e.    That I like it (and maybe my partner too…)

It’s all going so fast – you’re exchanging vows with the one you love. What kind of ring are you wearing?

a.    My great grandmother’s from World War II
b.    Upcycled or recycled gold / platinum
c.    Something completely unusual and one of a kind
d.    A very sparkly one with a gorgeous cut diamond
e.    A simple silver band with a personal inscription inside

Now it’s time for your wedding breakfast! What sort of food is everyone eating?

a.    Traditional favourites like fish and chips – but with a gourmet twist
b.    Light and flavourful bites – maybe with a vegetarian focus
c.    Diner-style hamburgers with alcoholic milkshakes for dessert
d.    Posh salmon or steak with a champagne sauce
e.    A mezze-style meal with grilled meats and delicious salads

The father of the bride is singing your praises. Describe one word he used in his speech about you…

a.    Glamorous
b.    Laid back
c.    Kooky
d.    Fabulous
e.    Intellectual

What word didn’t he use in the speech about you?

a.    Futuristic
b.    Selfish
c.    Mainstream
d.    Quiet
e.    Ignorant

Everyone is a bit emotional after the speeches – what type of music is playing to get people onto the dance floor?

a.    Swing, big band, jazz
b.    Floaty, synth-pop tunes
c.    Legendary guitar solos
d.    Fabulous pop diva ballads
e.    Eclectic world music that no one has really heard of

It’s been an amazing day – where are you off to on your honeymoon?

a.    British countryside cottage retreat
b.    Backpacking around the world
c.    Buzzing European capital city break
d.    A luxury tropical beach holiday
e.    A quiet and beautiful Mediterranean island

The wedding is officially over but it’s the start of a very long and happy marriage! What are you most likely to do with your dress after the wedding?

a.    Hand it down to my daughter
b.    Donate it to a charity shop
c.    I don’t even know if it will be in one piece
d.    Sell it
e.    Keep it safely stored away


Vintage Glamour
Sophisticated and smart, you’re a fan of the glossy and glamorous vintage look. That includes the old movies, music and even technology! Combining your love for nostalgia and your passion for all things vintage, you would suit this striking Anya dress (pictured left) or the ornate Clematis dress (right):

Anya_45 Clematis (2) (1)

Anya by Catherine Deane     Clematis by MiaMia 



Rustic Hippie
You’re a real free spirit and you love animals and the outdoors! You need a dress that accentuates your laid-back, charming personality. Simple with elegant details is a winner when it comes to rustic hippie, this is demonstrated perfectly with the picturesque Martel’s Bridal Boutique dress and the romantic Urban Ivory’s Art Coutre below:

12235048_1167650253262966_7961092005926122624_n AC469

Martel’s Bridal Boutique     Art Coutre AC649



You’re a rebel at heart and you’re well-known for your kooky personality. You’re a pioneer among your friends and they love you for it. For our zany women who enjoy the alternative style, we recommend the Lovely Lizzie with Cinderella dress (left), the ultimate punky boho princess dress or the super kawaii Lolita-style petticoat dress both – available at Boho Bride.

Lovely-Lizzie-with-Cinderella-Skirt-Terry-Fox-Siren-Song-2015-Collection veronique

Lovely Lizzie with Cinderella     Veronique – Boho Bride



It’s only the best for you! You love luxury but you’re also very generous. Kind, caring and romantic, you’re a princess with a heart of gold. The Gabrielle dress is ideal for your glamorous style (left) featuring a beaded bodice and a floaty frilled skirt. Or you could choose the ethereal ballgown (right) for the traditional Disney Princess look!


Gabrielle by Bridal Gallery Coventry     GL061 – Martel’s Bridal Boutique



Grecian Goddess
You’re a cultured intellectual and enjoy learning new things. You’re an independent woman but deep down you’re spiritual and sensual! For you we recommend the the Helen of Troy inspired Oslo dress and Ivory & Co Silk Gown.


Oslo – Rachel Ash     Ivory & Co Silk Gown – Dress In Love


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