How to Create the Perfect Wedding Gift List

by Warwick House

On the face of it, compiling a wedding gift list is really easy, you simply list lots of things you and your partner want and then other people buy them for you! However, it’s not quite as simple as that. Take a look at our tips below to ensure that your compile the perfect wedding list.

Do your research

There are lots of different companies offering wedding gift list services, so it pays to shop around to ensure that you get the one that most suits your needs. It’s also worth talking to people who have recently got married to see who they used. You’ll get a good sense of whether the company they used is for you or not. The more research you do, the better decision you will make.


Vary the prices of gifts 

The best wedding lists are the ones that have a wide variety of gifts all of differing prices. This gives guests a good choice of what to buy you. The last thing that you want is any of your guests feeling pressurised into stretching their budget for a gift they simply cannot afford. On the other hand, having some higher priced goods on there is good if any guests want to chip in together and get you something really special.


Make sure you add enough presents

Your list should have a good number of presents on it. Remember, you want every guest to have a choice so ensure that there a large number of items at each price point. Small lists can be really awkward as some guests can really struggle to find something within their budget. A large list ensures that this is not a problem.


Do your wedding list early

Leaving enough time for your guests to get your wedding gifts is essential. We recommend that you create your wedding list about six months before your wedding. This way, it gives guests plenty of time to get your gifts and some may want to save up to get you something really special!

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Ensure that they are gifts you actually want

Don’t just put the first presents you can think of on your wedding list. Take your time and ensure that they are presents that you and your partner actually want. Remember, there will probably never be an opportunity ever again to put down a list of things you’d love and let everyone else buy them for you!


Consider letting someone else manage it

Want your gifts to be a surprise? Then consider letting somebody else manage it for you! The fact is, watching your wedding list can drive you crazy a bit and distract you from planning the rest of your wedding. Consider letting your mother or bridesmaid monitor it instead. It’s much nicer getting surprises on the day!


 Have a Honeymoon Gift List

If you already live together and have a home together, there may not be too much you want or need. So why not book a Honeymoon, and ask people to contribute some money towards paying for it? Then you get what you really want, and they get to help send you off on Honeymoon having helped pay for it.


Don’t forget to say thank you!

The most important thing… don’t forget to say thank you! Make sure you keep tabs on who sent you what and then send them a thank you note. They may seem like a small thing, but a thank you note is a lovely gesture and one that your guests will appreciate.


Get in touch

Do you want to hear more wedding tips? Then why not speak to your wedding planners.

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