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Social Media In The Run-Up To Your Wedding: 3 Simple Tips

Thursday 26, January 2017

Social Media In The Run-Up To Your Wedding: 3 Simple Tips


You and your partner will almost certainly be active on at least one social media network and probably on more than one. The same could be said for the vast majority of your wedding guests. That means it can be a great idea to integrate social media into your wedding day. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, using social media in the correct way can really add an extra dimension to your wedding and give it a real buzz before the special day. We take a look at 3 tips to make sure social media is used correctly in the run up to your wedding and helps make your big day one to remember.


Tip 1: Tell your parents you’re getting married before announcing it on social media

Your parents may be active on social media but it’s just polite and more personal to tell them (and maybe your grandparents and other close family members) in person if you can. Older members of the family are more likely not to have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat and could miss the announcement altogether. And if they hear it form someone else, then they may be very unhappy!

Once you have told the people closest to you, it’s then up to you when and how you announce your engagement on social media. Some couples simply come out and say it whereas others like to be a bit more mischievous and leave clues and hints for people to guess. Others like to say it with a simple picture. Like we said earlier, it’s completely up to you.


Tip 2: Share away… but don’t share too much

In the run up to your wedding you are undoubtedly going to be excited and want to share lots of things with your connections on social media. This is a great idea and if you have a wedding hashtag it lets people follow your wedding journey and comment upon it themselves. But whilst sharing is good, oversharing isn’t. Why

  1. It can spoil the magic and mystery of your wedding. One of the best moments of any wedding is seeing the bride in their dress for the first time. If you’ve already shared pics of your dress then it does spoil this magical moment somewhat.
  2. People don’t need to know how much your ring cost, how difficult it is to find the right sort of wedding dress and how expensive some quotes were for your wedding photographer. People like the idea that weddings are seamless and magical, they don’t really want to know about the nitty gritty details of everything.
  3. You can risk wedding fatigue. Posting too much on social media could see you dominating people’s timelines which could lead to them being a bit miffed with you. Sometimes sharing a little less can actually mean people engage more with you.
Bride at the clothes shop for wedding dresses

Bride at the clothes shop for wedding dresses

Tip 3: Don’t do EVERYTHING by social media

Have you ever sat back and thought about how many emails and messages you get on social media every day? It’s the primary method of communication for the vast majority of us which means you might be considering saving some of your wedding budget and inviting people by social media. However, in a world where we get hundreds of electronic messages a day, a paper invite by post is so much more special. Yes it’s a cost but a traditional wedding is so much more thoughtful and will really add that special touch to your big day.


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