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Bride to Be Gift Guide

Friday 30, June 2017

Bride to Be Gift Guide

If a close friend or relative is about to become a bride it can be hard to know what to buy for her. If you are due to attend a bridal shower, or hen party, then you may want to take a gift along with you. Typically gifts are expected at weddings, but not at bridal showers or hen parties. However, if you want to buck the trend and buy the bride-to-be something special then here are some fantastic ideas to get you started:

Monogrammed gifts

Whether the bride-to-be is sticking with tradition, and taking her husband’s name, or not, she is sure to love a monogrammed gift. Whether you go with something traditional, like towels, or you want to go with something a little more modern, like flip-flops or a watch, there is so much choice now. An upcoming Bride, particularly one taking her husband’s name, is always going to be excited at seeing monogrammed items, particularly if her initials will be changing. As well as purchasing an item specifically for the Bride there are a number of items that you can purchase that are suitable for the Bride and Groom. Matching towels, matching flip-flops for honeymoon or even matching underwear if you know the happy couple well enough to know whether they would find this offensive or not. And if you know their sizes!


Items for entertaining

This may seem like an old fashioned opinion but once a bride-to-be gets married she is likely to be entertaining more. This is not because of the old fashioned notion that a woman always has to cook but often once a couple are married they may want to spend more time at home, with friends and family visiting. Whether the bride-to-be is due to move in with her spouse, or already lives with him, there are a number of opportunities for gifts for entertaining. Crystal champagne flutes, beautiful cookware, wooden utensils or napkin rings are all a lovely idea. You may even be able to tie in purchasing an entertaining gift for the bride-to-be with purchasing something that has been monogrammed for a double win!


Beautiful jewellery

As soon as your friend or loved one becomes a bride-to-be there are a number of upcoming formal engagements. There may be an engagement party, a bridal shower, a hen party and then of course the wedding itself. If you have a budget that can stretch to it then a beautiful piece of jewellery, diamonds in particular, may become a centrepiece of the Bride’s wardrobe in the upcoming weeks and months.

Whether you are buying for a friend, a relative or your own bride-to-be you can’t go too wrong with a beautiful gift. Monogrammed gifts are a fantastic choice, and help celebrate the upcoming special day. Entertaining gifts are a fantastic choice, and something that can be enjoyed again and again. You can never go too wrong with jewellery, particularly not if you go with diamonds. They do say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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