Involve Friends Who Aren’t Bridesmaids In Your Wedding

by Warwick House

The big special day is just around the corner and you’ve probably got everything planned and sorted. The venue, the dresses and the cake is all organised. Problem is, you’re feeling guilty about that one friend who feels down in the dumps for being left out of the wedding. We can’t have anyone feeling upset on our big day, especially people we care about the most. So, follow these tips and get your pals involved by giving them their own individual job, this can be before, during the wedding or even after!


Let them help you with beauty preparations

Alongside your bridesmaid, invite a couple of friends to help with the wedding dress hunt. The same goes with shopping for your accessories, makeup and even buying their own outfit for the wedding, it’s fun and gets them involved! Also, when you’re getting ready on the morning of your wedding, assemble a group of friends to assist you and your bridesmaid with the makeover, the more the merrier!


Give them a significant responsibility

 Bridesmaid or not, each friend can have a special duty to help make your wedding run smoothly. Keep a tab on who is doing what. Whether they’re in charge of keeping your dress well-kept, catering for the reception or maybe just keeping your sanity together, distributing jobs will create a sense of teamwork and enjoyment among your pals.


Invite them to your hen party

 What’s better than a girls night out? One with all of your friends before the big day! Get all of your old and new gals and guys together for a night of fun. Even if they don’t have much involvement in the actual wedding, this party will give you the chance to catch up with those who have a special place in your heart. You could even ask some friends to help you with planning the night. Online apps allow you to organise your hen night and also give tips regarding activities, food and assembling party bags.


Ask them to be the guest-greeter at your reception

 Having a close friend be the one to welcome your guests to your reception is such an endearing gesture. As well as this, you could even give them the duty of mailing the invitation cards and making thank-you cards. This is quite a big responsibility as your friend will have to make a great first impression so make sure to choose someone who’s bubbly, charismatic and confident!


Change the seating arrangements for dinner

 Instead of sticking to the traditional seating plan of having all the bridesmaids and groomsmen on the same table as the married couple, sit a bunch of friends on your table who didn’t get a big role in the wedding. Not only is this considerate, but it gives everyone a chance to mingle.

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Hopefully, this guide gave you a few helpful tips in how your friends can get involved with your big day. Just because they’re not a bridesmaid or groomsmen, it doesn’t mean they can’t have their own special memories of being apart of your wedding.

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