Questions To Ask When Choosing a Wedding Makeup Artist

by Warwick House

Do you want to look the very best you can on your wedding day? Your wedding makeup is a key part of this which means getting the right wedding makeup artist is crucial. But with so many makeup artists offering wedding services, it can be really difficult to choose. We take a look at some of the questions you should be asking to get the right wedding makeup artist for you.


Can I see examples of your previous work?

This is the key question in selecting the right wedding makeup artist for you. Like any artist, makeup artists often have their own style so it’s essential to see some of their previous work. Whilst most will be flexible with what they can do, it’s generally best to pick the one that has the style that most suits the look that you want.


Can you travel to my location? 

If your chosen makeup artist can come to you then it will make your big day so much more stress-free. The less you need to do on your big day the better! If you really want to look your very best for the ceremony and for the wedding photographs, why not ask if they can stay for a few hours on the day so they can apply any touch-ups that may be necessary?


What other services do you do?

 Some makeup artists offer other services too such as eyebrow shaping and eyelash application. Some will meet with bridal clients a week or two before their wedding day to shape their eyebrows which minimizes the risk of redness or skin irritation that can occur if you do it on the day.


What brands and products do you use?

 Makeup artists will generally work with their own preferred brands and products. Remember that different brands will cater for specific skincare and makeup needs so don’t forget to ask if they can accommodate you if you have any special requests. Perhaps you have some personal favourite products that you would like them to use or have certain products that you are allergic to.


Do you offer a trial makeup application?

 Although you can learn a lot from a makeup artist’s portfolio, actually seeing their work on your own face is the very best way to choose the best person for your big day. After your trial run, don’t forget to take lots of photographs to check what the makeup looks like on camera. Quite often, if you book the makeup artist for the wedding, the trial makeup application is included for free.


Ask all of these questions when looking for your wedding makeup artist and you will give yourself the very best chance of looking amazing on your big day.

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