Wedding Colour Trends for 2021

by Warwick House

When we think of colour in the context of weddings, our minds often wander to bridesmaid dresses and flowers. While there are other ways to bring colour into your wedding, it’s also possible to go overboard and use too much colour… here we’ll explore which shades will be popular in 2021 and discover how to strike a balance when introducing them to your wedding decor.

2021 Weddings

Firstly, we must acknowledge that 2021 weddings are far from the ‘normal’ weddings we have been accustomed to seeing over the years. But, almost a year into the Coronavirus pandemic, we are learning to adapt to the restrictions and changes that are out of our control. As such, it can be really positive to focus on some of the visual elements of your wedding as these can have such a huge impact on the mood of your day.

We will therefore look at the ways in which you can introduce colour to your special day and shine a light on which colours we predict will dominate the wedding scene in the coming months.

2020 Colour Trends

Looking back to 2020, there was a huge emphasis on warm tones – dusky pink, cinnamon rose and terracotta were the must-have trends, it seemed. Adding to that, earthy boho tones were also among the most popular choices, with shades of greys and greens being firm favourites. 

So what colour palettes are in store for weddings this year?

grey bridesmaid dresses

2021 colour predictions

It’s safe to say that the above colour combinations are still very much in fashion, but what we do anticipate seeing is a move towards even more colour – and bolder, brighter colours at that. 

Vibrant yellow, teal and red are said to be this year’s top picks, with cobalt blue and fuchsia pink also likely to pop up frequently.

It’s all a balancing act!

Of course, there is a certain amount of control needed when introducing colour – too little and it doesn’t have the impact you want but too much and it could wind up being a little bit too audacious! So how should you approach the all-important issue of colour?

You can guarantee that your bridesmaids’ dresses and your floral displays will bring colour to your big day, but you might also like to visualise your table décor, any balloons or arches you may have ordered as well as the colour of your wedding venue itself. 

One of the best things you can do when considering colour palette is to do your research and find examples of the style and look you are after – without some kind of visual reference, it can be easy to get carried away with your decisions. 

You might even want to refer to your wedding planner or florist during the planning stages to seek photos of previous events with a similar theme so that you can picture how your day might look. This will enable you to choose which of their elements worked well in your opinion, and those that you would do differently.

That said, your wedding is all about you so if you aren’t shy about using an array of bold (possibly even ‘coolly clashing’) colours then, by all means – go for it!

Don’t be governed by a colour theme

Remember that having a theme doesn’t always mean that you can’t veer away from your selection of one or two primary colours. 

Your choice of flowers don’t have to be identical to the shade of fabric worn by your bridesmaids, and your table linen doesn’t need to match the icing on the cake – distancing yourself from a set colour theme (or at least having a very loose theme) can sometimes help you to make decisions that contribute to your day looking effortlessly natural and stylish.

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