The Best Makeup Looks To Pick For Your Wedding


by Laura Howes

Finding the right make-up look for your wedding day can be daunting, but fear not, we have a complete guide to help you choose a style you will love.

The first question to address on this topic is why you need to do anything different to your ordinary make up routine on your wedding day? The answer is, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

However, it must be said that even those who usually wear no or barely-there make-up (and want to keep it that way on their wedding day) enjoy the process of being pampered and having no pressure to do it on their own.

Besides, a great make-up artist won’t take you a million miles away from your normal self, they will simply use their skills to make you look your very best self on your special day, while also using professional tools that can withstand tears, sweat, hugs and laughter – they’ve got their work cut out, believe us!

How to choose your make-up look

Your make-up inspiration might come a little later in the decision-making process. For instance, most brides will wait until they have picked out their dream wedding dress and accessories before settling on the ‘look’ they desire.

That said, there are lots of considerations when planning your make up so it’s good to think about it early on. Make-up artists are creatives but they aren’t there to completely transform your face beyond recognition!

If looking for wedding make-up ideas online, you may want to keep in mind your physical qualities, such as your skin pigmentation and eye colour. Because even if you find an example of the perfect make-up look, if the model has a much darker skin tone and features then it may not look the same on you.

Consider the season or weather too, since very heavy make-up doesn’t work well when mixed with heat and sweat.

Your make-up artist will be able to advise you on suitable colours and styles if you aren’t sure what would work on you. You can also visit department stores and book yourself a make-up consultation to discuss which pieces suit your palette and personal style.

Wedding make-up ideas

You don’t have to look to a specific era for make-up inspiration, you can also base your wedding look loosely on styles that never go out of fashion. Keywords like glamorous, vintage, natural or sexy can help your make-up artist to get an idea of what you like.


When it comes to full glam make-up, you can expect to see precisely carved eyebrows, a bold eye shadow (possibly metallic or multicoloured) and a strong eyeliner defining a set of fluffy lashes. Add to this glitter and shine in the way of a highlighter above bronzed cheekbones and a luscious lip gloss then you’ve nailed the glamorous look to a T!


A classic or vintage style comprises of pencilled in eyebrows with a strong eyeliner, more often than not flicked at the end, as well as thickly coated lashes. This look is great for those with pale skin as it’s not so much about sculpting the face with contouring kits and more about making the features pop. A subtle shade of pink or peach on the top of the cheekbone and a red lip really finishes off this look.


To create natural-looking make-up is to adopt a method of using tools and products to make someone look as though they have little or no make-up on, yet making them look beautiful. The style is all about giving skin that flawless dewy look, usually with a coating of bronzing powder to make it look lightly sun-kissed. Earthy brown tones are used on and above the eyelids, as well as nude lipstick. You might expect eyebrows to be a bit more flyaway or combed up in the laminated style.

Sexy /Smoky eye

Last but not least, many will agree that you can’t go far wrong with a smoky eye! If you want to keep your look modern and somewhat natural but want to add that extra something, then a dark, smudged outline with winged eyeliner will make you feel trendy while also being sexy.

How long in advance to book make-up artist and trial session

If you’ve decided you want your make-up done by a pro, then your chosen artist may book you in for a trial session as part of their price. However, if this isn’t offered as part of your package then don’t be afraid to ask if you can schedule in a practice run, whereby you can share ideas, try out a couple of different looks and take photos of the outcomes. It’s only natural to want to picture how you will look on the day!

When looking at make-up artists, particularly those who come highly recommended, you should be aiming to give them six months to a year’s notice if possible, but it’s never too soon to book someone in!

As for trial make-up sessions, this can be done any time up until the month before your wedding however it’s not wise to book this in straight after a holiday when your skin may be sun damaged. Inform your make-up artist if you are going to be having a spray tan before the wedding too so that they can plan accordingly for the change in your skin tone.

Wedding make-up tips

Your make-up artist will work their magic on the morning of your special day, but what can you do to maintain your appearance throughout the long day ahead? Here are just a few tips and tricks to make sure your face stays in place all day!

  • Stay hydrated in the run up to and on your wedding day
  • Keep some essentials at hand to top up your make-up during the day
  • Try not to touch your face and hair too much
  • Blot (don’t wipe) your face with tissues in the event that you shed a tear

All images courtesy of Kayleigh Pope Photography

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