About Us


About Us

Warwick House is situated in the historic market town of Southam in Warwickshire. Southam has a rich history and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. It played a significant part in the English Civil War, as the town had previously minted its own currency, which Charles I used to make coins to pay his troops. Warwick House was originally built by Dr Henry Lilley-Smith (1787–1859), who was born in Southam, and who created the first self-supporting dispensary on the site which specialised in the treatment of eyes and ears, as local folklore maintained that the natural spring water, found at the nearby Holywell, was instrumental in the curing of eye ailments. The hospital, which was built on land owned by Dr. Smith, contained approximately 14 beds and was supported by voluntary donations. The hospital treated over 12,000 patients during its first forty years, two thirds of whom were cured. We've offered same sex weddings since 2014.

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We're delighted to be able to show you our wonderful venue via a virtual tour. Feel free to contact us to arrange a private tour to see it yourself in real life.


A deep heritage

The Infirmary, which passed into the hands of trustees when Dr. Smith died, continued for a few years but fell into financial difficulties and was forced to close in December 1872. Attempts were made to reinstate the hospital but financial constraints meant that none were successful. There are few records of the use to which the building was then put, but we have sketchy details that regular dances were held during the 1930s and that it was used as a community centre for local residents.

It was finally turned into a guest house (Eastleigh Guest House) and then transformed into the Stoneythorpe Hotel in 1965 and remained so until 2010 when The Tabor Group purchased the property in January of that year. The grand opening of Warwick House took place on the 27th November 2010 and the first wedding was held the following week on the 4th December 2010.


For your exclusive use...

With a range of ornate function rooms, Warwick House is the ideal location for any type of corporate event, from a sales conference to team-building activities, training days, award ceremonies and product launches. Your guests will definitely be inspired and impressed by the superb facilities, while our exclusive-use policy ensures no distractions and total privacy.


What people who tied the knot here think

Warwick House is a beautiful wedding venue, and we’re happy to tell you that our lovely couples think so too. At the below link you can read through the lovely feedback we’ve received recently.

Job Vacancies

Work with us at Warwick House

We regularly have a small number of vacancies available on our team. From front of house to marketing, get in touch if you would like to work with us.

Open Days

We have open evenings planned on Monday 1st August from 5-8pm and Sunday 7th August 12-4pm.

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