Why Choosing the Right Venue Can Make the Day

by Warwick House

Historically, we all know the importance of choosing the right wedding dress, and how getting it right or wrong can make or break that special day. After all, you are the ones who have to live ever after with the pictures of you in that dress on the living room wall, so if there’s something even 1% not right about it – you know you’ll notice it forever.

However, a recent survey has discovered that the single most important aspect of any wedding day preparation is the making the right choice of venue.

A venue plays an intrinsic part of the day, from the character of the building to the grounds that surround it, and chosen correctly, the memories you will hold of the day will be far more magical than any photo could ever do justice.

Take our Warwick House venue for example. It is elegance personified, and simply oozes that prestige that only a wedding can demand. Set in wonderfully landscaped grounds, it is the perfect setting for the perfect day, and not only will it guarantee that you come away with amazing memories, it has so many opportunities to create original and unashamedly romantic photographs as well.

The physical look and feel of the venue is just one part of what a venue can and should deliver. There are many other aspects you should also take into account.

For example, is your venue available for you to use exclusively on the days that you want it? All our venues are, but it is worth checking. There is nothing worse than looking forward to your special day, and then realising you have to share parking spaces and toilets with a conference of accountants who have booked another hall in your venue!

If you are having a Summer Wedding, is there an option to be able to have the ceremony outside? Again, all our venues are set up to be able to do this, and from our experience, nothing feels better than marriage taking place in the natural setting of outdoors with the Sun shining.

Does the venue you want have accommodation, and if does, to what standard? Again, the nature of our gorgeous venues means they offer accommodation, and we ensure that the accommodation is of the highest standard and matches the quality and tradition of the rest of the venue.

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long and enjoyable day, is to have to trek 15 miles down the road to stay in a B&B – talk to us before you send your invitations and we can give you full accommodation pricing details as well as number of rooms and options.

We do of course also make sure that there is second to none bridal suite in every location – we know that your special day doesn’t end at the stroke of midnight, and what better way to wake up the following morning with your new bride or groom, in a suite that is both luxurious and romantic. When you see our bridal suite, you won’t want to leave for another few days!

Does the venue you are looking at offer a Wedding Manager to ensure that the preparations and day all go 100% to plan? If not than beware – with our vast experience in the industry, we have realised that one of the biggest keys to a day going as you dreamt it should, is having a dedicated person our side of the operation who is there to support you and ensure that everything happens like clockwork!

Our wedding managers are all very experienced, and will spot the things that can go wrong, long before they do go wrong. They are also on hand to help you with the preparation to the day and answer any of your questions, no matter how silly they may seem at the time.

Aside from these basics, there are of course the more obvious things to look out for – the menu’s and catering options, how many guests can the venue hold for the ceremony, the meal and then the reception? Is there ample car parking? Are there any noise restrictions?

Although this all sounds like a bit of a headache, it really isn’t when you work with professionals who plan and make wedding days extra special every week of the year.

If you’re thinking of getting married, or looking for a venue, please do contact us to see how we can help.

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