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Further to the recent government guidance, Warwick House will be unable to host any events or wedding receptions in the next few weeks. We do however welcome all enquiries from newly engaged couples or from existing clients.

In line with the latest guidance, all of our team members will now be working remotely so we would ask that you communicate via email.

If you do not have a specific contact within our team and need assistance regarding the planning of your special day then please contact, and our team will contact you as soon as they can.


In an effort to keep you updated and informed, we have outlined some Frequently Asked Questions below which we hope are helpful:

We will continue to react to the advice, instructions and orders of Local and National Government, the World Health Organisation and Public Health England. Please keep checking this page for further updates.

You can find up to date information here: and here:

This is a developing situation, and advice may change. Please keep checking this page, and official Government pages, for more information.

1) What happens if our wedding is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The latest advice from the Government states that current wedding restrictions could be in place until mid-March 2021, we will contact you directly to discuss your options as soon as we can and discuss how you would like to proceed. Warwick House wants you to have the wedding you have been planning for and we will continue to work with each individual couple to find a solution that works for them, whether that is to go ahead with smaller numbers, postponing the wedding to dates in the future, having a wedding gift voucher to make a decision at a later date or to indeed, cancelling the wedding completely.

Should your wedding be postponed, there will be paperwork sent to you from Warwick House and you will need to contact the registrars or your Church directly to rearrange your ceremony date. The registrars can be contacted directly at The registrars will also be able to give further information regarding their policies or any changes to ceremonies.

2) What happens if my wedding is outside the current lockdown period?

Based on current guidelines, weddings beyond March 2021 should be considered to be taking place as originally intended until we are updated otherwise. If your wedding is scheduled later than this time, please allow us time to contact and discuss with the couples in the affected timeframe as a priority.

We are still here to offer you continued support and advice, and we understand that you may wish to discuss changes to your day, however as the guidelines given by the Government may not apply to your wedding date, and we may need to be patient and wait for more relevant and specific information to best help you. You would of course, still be welcome to postpone your wedding day as a precautionary measure, pending further guidelines, however as your date is not considered directly affected, standard postponement charges will apply at this time.

3) How will we accommodate social distancing at our wedding?

Guidelines are changing rapidly, and we understand that sometimes they’re confusing or appear contradictory especially when compared to what is allowed in other settings. This is frustrating for us all, but will continue to work through to understand them, and relay what they mean to you in real terms and support you wherever we can.

The current lower-than-usual capacity means that wedding social distancing should be easier than initially thought. We ask that when planning your wedding reception, you follow guidelines and seat your guests at tables in their ‘households’ or ‘bubbles’. Elsewhere, guests should follow general social distancing advice wherever possible.

To achieve a social distancing wedding ceremony and reception we require all guests to wear face coverings in public areas of the venue, when not eating and drinking, and during the ceremony. Face coverings are not required for the bride and groom during the ceremony.

As further guidelines are published, this advice may change – we will continue to keep you up to date.

4) How many guests can I have, and what is defined as a ‘wedding reception’?

When weddings resume, our wedding guest restrictions will apply, we will be able to offer a ceremony and reception from 15 guests, including the couple. Registrars, photographers, videographers and venue staff are not included.

The Government have recently defined a wedding reception as a sit down meal, meaning that we will serve food and drinks to guests, rather than any self-service style options. Unfortunately dance floors, bands and DJ will not be allowed under the latest wedding guidelines. We have seen some lovely, imaginative social distancing wedding reception ideas in the evening to entertain guests.

5) When will wedding restrictions ease, and when will the number of guests allowed change?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the definite answer to this. The Government have an obligation to review tier restrictions on a fortnightly basis, and as such we are always ready to be proactive in our approach to our response. We are hopeful that wedding guest restrictions will be reviewed regularly, and as any risk reduces, so will our ability to hold larger and more extensive weddings.

6) What should I be doing now?

We would advise you to carry on and to continue to plan your special day.

This is a great opportunity to utilise any spare time you have to get ahead of your planning, and a lot of couples have found this to be a comfort and welcome distraction from current circumstances. We are on hand to offer meetings to discuss your wedding plans in detail, both virtually and in-person at the venue. Please contact to arrange this.

7) How are you making decisions for the future?

We are working to Government set wedding guidelines and constantly awaiting more updates.

We are extremely conscious that this is a very difficult time for all couples, no matter when their wedding is due to take place and we are heartbroken and sympathetic to the concerns and uncertainty our couples are experiencing.

8) Should I still be paying for my wedding?

Yes. It is important that you continue to meet your wedding payment deadlines to ensure that we can assist you in moving forwards. Payment of deposits form part of the contract we have with you and non-payment is a breach of that contract and could result in the cancellation of your wedding date.

COVID-19 Update

The team at Warwick House are here for you and for the latest information and guidance please visit our Health and Wellbeing page.

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