Boho Weddings

at Warwick House

What is a boho wedding? Boho, which is short for bohemian, refers to something that’s a little away from the norm. It’s usually used to describe a free-spirited, at-one-with-nature approach.

So, when we use the term ‘boho weddings’, we’re talking about a celebration that fits the above description. Imagine outdoor ceremonies, intricate braids, floral tiaras and 70s inspired wedding dresses with lace detail and slightly quirkier colour choices. They’re all common inclusions to the boho weddings that we’ve hosted at Warwick House – we’ve even had some bride and grooms choose to walk down the aisle in our licensed Gazebo completely barefoot.

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In our opinion, it’s the aesthetic details that really give the sense of a bohemian-themed wedding. Weaving rustic, vintage and natural details into the design of aspects such as your centrepieces, wedding cake and the overall dressing of the room is the key to creating an authentic boho wedding theme. Combine this type of theme with a mixture of eclectic clothing and an outdoor setting, and you’re well on your way to creating a scene that’s similar to one that you’d find in a mythical, woodland-set, enchanted book.

So, why should you choose Warwick House for your boho wedding? Well, for a start, our stunning venue was built in the 19th century as a hospital, inspired by local folklore of the nearby natural springs and their healing properties – which we think is very in tune with the bohemian style.

Whilst it’s common to do so, your boho wedding also doesn’t necessarily have to be held outdoors. If you’d like to achieve a bohemian theme but would much prefer to celebrate your special day indoors then we have a variety of receptions rooms that will be made available to you.

Our exclusive-use nature means that when you book with us, the entirety of our venue will be completely yours for the day. We also have 16 guest bedrooms that your guests will be able to make use of, whilst you’ll be able to retire to our luxurious Honeymoon Suite after a long day.

If you’re interested in holding a boho wedding at Warwick House then get in touch with us using our contact form. However if you’d like some more information on our venue and how we can create the perfect day for your wedding then please download a brochure using the form below.

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