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Traditional Church Weddings

at Warwick House

Church Weddings at Warwick House

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer the idea of saying your vows in a church, rather than a civil ceremony setting, then we’d love to help plan the church wedding of your dreams. Warwick House has a long-standing, close relationship with St James C of E Parish Church in Southam. The church itself is located within walking distance of our luxurious venue.

St James Church was originally built in the 14th century, dedicated to St James the Apostle. Constructed mainly with Lias limestone and red sandstone, the church still remains very structurally similar to its original form, making it the perfect venue for a traditional church wedding.

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The rest of your day

For any wedding party planning to hold a church wedding, we’ll always offer use of our dressing rooms, giving you a comfortable space in which to prepare for your ceremony. Afterwards, you could choose to walk or be whisked away in a luxury wedding car back to Warwick House, where you’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of your closest family and friends, and a drinks reception of your choice.

We’re also able to offer Warwick House on an exclusive use basis, which means that you won’t have to worry about sharing your special day with anyone but your nearest and dearest. You’ll also have full use of our venue and your choice of reception rooms.

Make contact

St James C of E Parish Church welcomes couples wishing to discuss details but please be advised that if neither of you lives in the parish of Southam and you do not have any of the other “qualifying connections”, then it will be necessary for you to attend the church services on a regular basis for at least six months before any wedding booking is taken.

For further information please visit www.stjames-southam.co.uk or call 01926 812413.

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